Cubase Colliding with External Audio Sources

Hi! I made an effort to explain the issue through this 45 second YouTube video

Please have a look:


this is not the way how this forum works… you should explain your problem with text

without watching the video I guess what your problem could be…
first of all you should search the forum…
this was discussed many times already, maybe twice a week…
or at least you can read the manual


I’m unable to run other sources of media while using Cubase. “External Audio Sources” meaning programs like Youtube and VLC. As soon as I activate my Headphone drivers from the Cubase Control Panel, they become exclusive to Cubase and won’t allow for playback outside of the DAW

The closest I’ve come to a solution is “release driver when application is running in background” (found in Device Setup) which allows media outside Cubase to play as long as you’re not actively using Cubase but I’d like to be able to use both simultaneously as my main use of Cubase is to provide commentary to videos.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know.


Yes. This is wanted behaviour…