Cubase Colors Issues - Solved

I installed Cubase Elements 10 on my laptop (licensed).

Seems some colors are not working properly and there’s no options to change them in Cubase.
I believe it’s a bug. I’m using Windows 10 64, Cubase version 10.0.30.

The buttons on the mixer (mute, solo, E ((channel strip))
I’ve tried resetting all my defaults on colors and nothing works.

The inserts in the left panel should be blue as well but they are black?

Thanks for the link. I’d already been through that but finally found a different solution.

Apparently, the issue is with the integrated gracphics chip on my laptop. I assigned Cubase to use the Nvidia chip in my laptop instead and the problem is solved. It’s a gaming laptop so the defualt is the Intel HD4000 chip.

Hope others who have the same issue find this.