Cubase compressor auto mode operation

Can someone better explain auto mode to me? The Cubase compressor has a couple of “auto modes” for release and make-up gain. Here’s the description from the v9.5 manual:

Release (10 to 1000 ms or Auto mode)

Sets the time after which the gain returns to the original level when the signal drops below the threshold. If Auto is activated, the compressor automatically finds the best release setting for the audio material.

Make-up (0 to 24 dB or Auto mode)

Compensates for output gain loss that is caused by compression. If Auto is activated, the knob becomes dark and the output is automatically adjusted for gain loss.​

In both cases, I assume that the software picks a fixed value and sets the release or make-up gain to that, just as if I had manually turned the knob to that value. To put this another way, I don’t think auto-mode means that the software is adjusting these values dynamically, in real-time, but maybe I’m wrong about this. As an aside, I would have thought that the software would display the fixed values it automatically picks for me, but it doesn’t.

Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.