Cubase Compressor

I´m still confused about Cubase Compressor :frowning:

I know that the two staples in the grafic picture are in an out volume
but do the numbers means in and out volume loudness in dB :confused:

I understand that the blue staple moving downward is that compression is going on
but is the number underneat meaning how much volume lodness dB reduction? :confused:


They mean level in dB (Fs)

Level reduction in dB.

Thanks I guessed that :smiley:


There’s a very good compression tutorial on youtube at Mix Bus TV entitled “the ultimate compression tutorial.” Cubase Pro 8 has a very powerful set of native compressors both as plug-ins and on the channel strip.

Compression is working with the dynamics of the sound, but can also have a subtle to dramatic influence on the tonal dynamics of a part and the entire mix. Many types of music have very specific uses of compression. Keep working with it and you’ll become comfortable with the tools and the techniques. What may have started as a way to deal with the limitations of equipment of yesteryear is now part of the soundscape we hear in recorded music of all kinds. Good luck with it.