Cubase control room

Hello,i want to know how to route my outputs,busses, and control room properly from A to Z,beacause i dont hear click sounds and somtimes mediabay has no sound.thanks

you just have to connect the control room

but not the inputs or outputs

Capture d’écran 2023-07-12 184503
and check that the click is well engaged

thanks for your help but two days ago i have to active my control room because my mediabay has no sound.the problem had solved,but now i dont hear my metronome the way my metronom is active in two place that you guide.

Only the Stereo Out bus should remain disconnected when using the Control Room. Feel free to connect any additional output busses you may have.
Not connecting inputs makes no sense however. They should all be connected.

Make sure you did not switch off the audio click by mistake…

It works as expected here, either with my phones or my monitors, with these audio connections settings, everything appearing in the Outputs panel having been disconnected :

… and these metronome ones :

… BUT check cautiously the levels. For an unknown reason, with the Use Steinberg Click Sound option, the levels are a lot dimmed, compared to what we get with the Use Custom Sounds one.

thanks alot,i solved the problem with disable control room and enable output only,but in this set up i dont hear any voice from mediabay.anybody knows about that?

Usually it’s the other way round - you lose MediaBay preview when activating Control Room.
Maybe there’s a glitch.
Try to toggle the Preview Bus option in the Preferences twice:
Preferences → VST → Control Room → Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel

Try to toggle it once at first, if that doesn’t help toggle it back. Does that help?

thanks but it doesnt work.

Enable the Control Room again and, as @Johnny_Moneto already suggested, set the Preferences > VST > Control room > Use phones Channel as preview Channel as activated, if needed : works perfectly, here.

In all cases, when using the Control Room, all what is in the Outputs panel should be disconnected. I have no issue, using both Mediabay preview and click sounds, with this setup.

No, only the Stereo Out bus needs to be left disconnected. You can have additional output busses connected when using the Control Room. Using Direct Routing you can then use these additional busses to send to a summing mixer e.g.

To be pedantically precise: Only the output bus marked as Main Mix ought to be disconnected.

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