Cubase Controller Data Responsiveness

I use Cubase 7 with VEP5 and in general it all works really well.

I’m having an odd problem with Cinematic Strings and modulation.

To switch the articulation from Staccato to Staccatissimo the modwheel is used.

I’m finding that this work immediately.

For example, if I set CC1 to ‘0’ at the point a the part begins it won’t change Staccato to Staccatissimo. If I add another CC1 entry at ‘0’ just after the beginning of the part, it then works.

This only seems to be happening with Cinematic Strings. Am I doing something wrong? Even extending the beginning of the part to add the modulation data earlier doesn’t work. It seems as if the midi notes have to start playing before they ‘see’ the mod data.

THis also seems to be only happening on the first part.