Cubase convert needs help


So finally after being frustrated with PT 11 I decided to take the Cubase road.
My first impressions are very positive. I put Cubase through some abuse that normally would make PT go straight in to coma. In three days of extensive usage I managed to crash the program once. In PT I lost count. Don’t get me wrong, I love PT for its simplicity and feel, but for now it is just impossible to work with VI’s.
I love the MIDI functions in Cubase. That is something PT could learn from. There is but one thing that I don’t get in Cubase. Believe me, I looked it up in google, this forum and many other places:
How can I place the cursor in a specific place in a clip,( “event” sorry :smiley: ) without doing it in the top of the whole project timeline ? I would like to be able to place the cursor in a specific point by just clicking with the mouse in that area of the event.
It maybe a stupid question with a simple answer but every tutorial that I watched did not show any other way that clicking in the project timeline and that I find not quiet good.
And if I may ask one more newbie question: are there any settings where I can specify how much the cursor moves (for ex. every 1/16 note) with a shortcut ? Now the cursor moves every frame which is useless in a musical project.
Have some patience. I learn quick :mrgreen:


Hiya and welcome…!

The placing of the cursor thing, as you desire, I don’t know how - sorry; don’t think there is a way even… not at my machine; maybe the ‘Range Tool’ and then another shortcut…? Dunno; I’m just guessing… sorry…

The Cursor movement…? Look up ‘Nudge’ parameters in the manual (to do with Transport I think). These will work via shortcuts, with set distances (1/4, 1/8/ 1/16 etc, etc…).

Good luck

Thanks for the nudge tip!! I finally could sort that out. The cursor thing is odd though. To me this seems unnatural. Imagine You have 30+ tracks and the one You are interested in is way down. It would seem much more intuitive to place the cursor directly over the clip instead of away from him. I know I can open the clip in the audio editor by double clicking and there I can set the cursor but that just seems to be one step too much.
Any more ideas?
Thank You

I don’t know if it is usable for you, but you can select a clip/event and press the P on your keyboard. It then places the cursors around that clip/event.

I use it like that all the time. And not only for loops :wink:

You turn on looping with / on your numpad, btw

There´s a preference for that (I just don´t know what it´s called at the moment - something like "locate when clicking in empty space…?) Even though it might work in “empty space” only, not on events - you´ll have to try

Thanks thinkingcap !
That suggestion brought me back again to the Preferences menu. In the Transport section when I select:“Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” Still not there but that is much closer and better to what I am used to. Thanks!

Hi pjano,
I can make three suggestions.

The Play tool.
If your working on the arrange page choose the “play” tool (the speaker) you can get the curser to a specific point by touching a track with that. Because it’s designed for playback you need to click somewhat quickly OR you could click on a track and release when you hear where you want the cursor to be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: That functionality does NOT work in the PART editor or Waveform editor. If you play from inside a part the cursor will play but then snap back to where it started from. It has always infuriated me that the behavior was not the same inside the part editor. But that’s for another day.

I also use custom keyboard commands to set markers so I can set the cursor by ear.
I have “Command+number” as my “set”. Then just “number” as my locater.
So If I want to set a a marker on the fly I would hit “Command+3” to set, then simply hit the “number 3” to put the curser on my mark. It works great for doing edits when you’re not using a grid.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of the PART editor. I almost always have my audio inside Parts. I have my Part window sized so that it takes up the entire screen so if I were trying to do what you describe I would enter the PART editor for the track in question and it would be very easy to tap the timeline where I want the cursor to go.

Hope that helps.


Hi stevont!

Yes that helped indeed. I can see that is a bit different approach than in PT. Not me to judge if better or worse. Definetely different. I need to get used to it. That’s all. All in all do far a very good experience with Cubase 7 and with this forum :smiley:
Thank You everyone

Add a ruler track and place it above the desired track or look into Markers.

Hi, Piotr. Could you add more detail on what kind of editing you’d like to perform?

Hi, el-russo. Nothing really in particular. I was just hoping that I could be able to place the play head cursor at specific place directly over a specific waveform of an audio, for ex. to start playback from that place. In the meantime I found two solutions (thanks to forum members) that bring me closer to that:

  1. in preferences: “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space”
  2. create a ruler track