Cubase could be sold and delivered on Steam Platform.

Well, eLc is still of necessary…
But using Steam could make delivery easier.
If someone has an eLc, just buy and download the entire product online.

And, Steam could allow people to cooperate while making project together… even using remote VST-instruments.

BTW, Cubase could be VAC-Protected… If someone use the pirated version, his Steam account will be VAC-Banned.

and not just because Steam only sells games.
Also because steam runs like a steaming pile of excrement on lots of systems like my own, it’s an annoying, sluggish and buggy application.

And Cubase really doesn’t belong on Steam, what gave you that idea?

This is a joke. Right?


Aloha S,

Isn’t that what VST Connect SE is for?
Seems with C7 we already have what you have suggested.



By that, you mean double the number of steps?

  1. Download steam.
  2. Install steam.
  3. Create a steam account.
  4. Purchase Cubase.
  5. Download Cubase.
  6. Install Cubase.

How is this different from now?

VST Connect SE?

Women don’t steal?

Get real. Why would I want another application downloader crapware on my machine? I bet they have commercials, suggestions and offers too… My PC’s are professional workstations, not iGadgets, mate.

steam ??? holy fucking crap , you mean ive been playing asteroids and pak man on here since 1989 …i wondered what the hell ive been doing …ah thats right cubase is just a game isn’t it .

BUG i can’t find my joy stick

the problem with c7 is tho steve for vst connect you need an internet connection ,for the hub you need an internet connection ,im like you i don’t want my daw connected to the internet for the risk of viruses even tho it would only ever connect too steinberg and uad ,novation,motu im stil really dubious about it , i use the laptop to download what ever i need then install it on my daw

VST Connect SE promises you can cooperate on a project together, but what it really does is just give you the opportunity to record or listen to someone else around the globe, if you call that working together, you sure got a strange way of working…

“Ebony and Ivory” (Paul McCartney feat. Stevie Wonder) was recorded this way. :wink:

I can’t see how this is a problem for Cubase 7 in terms of a user that doesn’t have their daw online. All the functionality of Cubase 7 is still there otherwise and if you dont have your daw online then you are used to working without connectivity in a studio.How else could concepts like Vst Connect and the Hub work without a connection?

After years of refusing I setup a connection for my daw this year. It’s the best single move I’ve made in a long time. Registering software and getting sounds is 100times easier. There really is no threat of getting a virus unless you do web surfing . All you need is a firewall and Windows Defender and maybe Malwarebytes

I use MSE and never had any issues, plus I backup to Windows Live Skydrive for all my project files.

You get some problems every now and then with Office 2013, but I archive to a second hard drive anyway.

It’s not all bad.

You can have the machine running your DAW connected via Ethernet and run a hardware firewall if anyone is seriously paranoid about the web.

Personally I need my DAW online so I can upload stems via FTP, which is not by definition a dangerous or destabilizing activity.

Most problems come via the browser and in particular downloads. Opera protects me on that front by its’ sophisticated handling of MIME types.

What I want to tell is that Cakewalk Music Creator and some productivity products from other company were on sale on Steam.

Heh, when I saw the thread title, I thought you were trying to say that Cubase could be sold and delivered on a Steam Boat, b/c the d/l was so slow. :laughing:

You’re talking low-end consumer products, not pro-audio (or pro-video) suites. Cakewalk certainly aren’t selling Sonar X3 through Steam.

Then why Steinberg doesn’t sell Sequel and Cubase Elements on Steam? :confused:

Cakewalk is notoriously more consumer-oriented and always trying to seek profits even in markets where profits are very slim. I remember when you could buy a Cakewalk audio interface (crap, of course…) and Sonar LE at Fry’s Electronics (!!) If I were Steinberg, I wouldn’t bother with markets made of absolute amateurs who will give you a $10 profit, a very high percentage of returns and endless customer service calls where the tech has to waste time explaining the basics to an absolutely clueless guy who expects to learn everything in 5 minutes. I do admire Steinberg for not even wanting to touch that kind of market with a ten-foot pole.

Does Steam take a ‘piece of the action’?

If so what’s next?

Cubase on the App Store
or Google Play
or Amazon?


Of course they do. Not only that, but they force you to run their application in the background, which I’m pretty sure messes with a lot of the processes going on in a DAW. So, I guess it’s still OK if it’s an entry-level product like Music Creator or Sequel, but professionals and serious amateurs would never accept that with a pro-level DAW like Cubase or Sonar.