Cubase crackles in playback

Hi, I’ve been using Cubase Studio 5.5 on my laptop and have noticed that as I add more tracks and effects, I get a lot of crackle and ‘drop out’ during playback, some tracks seem worse than others. The crackle and drop out come at different times during different playbacks. I’m recording mainly virtual instruments with a few audio tracks in there. Does anybody have an answer for this one?

Pentium Dual Core 2.00 GHz
3.00 Gb Ram
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit


Maybe you could use higher buffer settings and make sure things like CPU throttling are off in system BIOS.

Also, try experimenting with lower sampling and bit rates as this may potentially help to find the problem while allowing you to scale resources as necessary.

You could also tweak the system a bit and turn off graphic intensive functions such as transitions and so on and make sure you have both the most recent audio and graphic drivers.


Thanks, will give that a go!

Sounds very much like buffer/latency to low…

Also on Vista set background processor scheduling to background