Cubase Crash all the time - Windows 10

Hi There!

Find my computer Specs attached down bellow. Iam new in this forum, thanks for reading this “problem”:

Iam a composer who started out one Year ago on in the box-projects. I started with the Cubase 9 and VSL-ED1 which worked pretty nice on JUST ONE SSD. I got really in to it and started buying more stuff. I went to buy the Native Instruments Ultimate 11 and the VSL-Synchron-Orchestra. I though it would be best, puting everythin on different SSDs. So i started buying SSDs:

  1. SSD -> Windows 10
  2. SSD -> Cubase + Project File
  3. SSD -> Native + VSL Library

So my Problem:
If i start with only one instrument, thats ok. But as soon as i open up more then a view, the Sound brakes up every view seconds. I get really awful sounding clicks as well as Crashes and Freezes that come back time for time. On my YouTube Video you can see how i try to dublicate a really easy marimba-lick with no external fx on. Not Possible, crash again (graffic card on 100%? Sometimes its CPU on 99%). Also wierd: The RAM does not take a lot of space, only standby.

I tryed:

  • Turn off WIFI
  • Changig Buffer-Sice
  • A view other Audio-Interfaces
  • Activate Ram
  • Give RAM-Acces to the Software

I also work on several Film-Clips within Adobe Premiere as well as After Effects. I never get problems over there, even with big 4k Footage (just cutted 40 Minutes of content)…

Somebody nows something or maybe nows somebody that nows something?


(Every Driver is updated - seriously)
AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
RAM: 32,0 GB
System: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Systeminformationsbericht erstellt am: 09/24/18 20:45:06
Systemname: LEO-PC
Grafic: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
HardDrive: 3x SSD (Windows, Cubase, VSL)
Audio: Audiobox USB Presonus
AudioDrive: Asio4ALL
Pagefile: Outsourced on the HHD

Hi there

Are you using the proper ASIO driver for the Audiobox, that would be preferable to using ASIO4ALL which it looks like you are using.

Best Regards, Dave

install audiobox driver from CD
page 11 of manual:

  1. Launch Cubase.
  2. Go to Devices | Device Setup.
  3. Select “VST Audio System” from the Devices column in the Device Setup.
  4. Select PreSonus AudioBox USB from the ASIO Driver drop-down list.
  5. Click “Switch” to begin using the AudioBox USB driver.
  6. Once you have successfully changed the driver, go to Devices |
    VST Connections to enable your input and output buses.