cubase crash - cubese processes are piling up until collapse

cubese process not quit in the task manager after i close the program (not matter how long i will wait) and when i’m open cubase again it open it in a new process and every time i closed and open the program it open just anoter and anoter one until it make a memory crash (so i need to close the process manually) . thanks for helping

cubase 10.0.50
win 7 64bit
intel i7


Most probably some plug-in hangs. Could you attach a DMP file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Could you try to close all windows but Project window before you Quit Cubase? Does it help? Does Cubase quit properly now?

i already try that, still nothing.
about the DMP file, as i say the cubase processes are piling up until this no RAM left and then it’s just the regular memory crash, i can try to make it happens if the DMP is necessary.
and btw it happens even when i’m even just open a empty project or just open and close the program without open nothing


Sorry, I’m not IT expert and not Windows experience at all, but… Can you somehow do a memory print (when Cubase is running for the 1st time), then make another memory print (when Cubase is running for the 2nd time), etc., and then make a diff of the memory contents? Would this bring a hint?

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Thank you, now it’s a bet clearer. I have seen something similar here on the forum already. Cubase doesn’t quit and a new process has been started once you start Cubase again.

But I don’t understand why…

Let me think about it a bit, please.

Do you have any ideas for what I can do?


I have learned, this is common for Windows. If any application doesn’t quit properly, if it crashes, then Windows starts the application as a new process.

So the only solution is to make sure Cubase does quit properly.

Could you generate a *.dmp file by using Microsoft ProcDump utility, please?

you can see in the image 10 cuabse 10 ({:), is it really necessary to try to make it crash? it’s not really healthy to my computer you know… and you probably understand it’s not so easy to make it happen and what it mean to my computer…

i was thinking that if it’s something with “the way i close the program” or even some problematic plugin, this should not happen if i open the cubase in safe mood right? well It doesn’t work either… And maybe I should wait after I close a project and only then close the software? it’s not work as well, and it’s happend every time also if i don’t even open nothing.


If you have any DMP file, attach them, please.
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps