Cubase Crash Log while edting in HALion 7

Not sure if this is useful , But had this crash today and yesterday . While I was adding Layers to a Patch I was making in HALion7 , Cubase and HALion both upto date

Cubase 12-2023-10-27-163409.ips (162.2 KB)

One little thing you could try which helped me loads with H7 and Cubase crashes was remove the Mediabay and browser tabs , leave them closed until you need them . I found doing this i could use H7 and Cubase without any crashes BUT this is on Pc

OK sounds good , I will try this , but one thing is I am editing Layers while this crash happened , if I hide the MediaBay / Browser tabs , not sure I will see the Program tab ? I haven’t hidden the MediaBay / Browser tabs before so I am not sure …

2 more crashes today , loading Patches into HAlion this time . I have logged a bug with Steinerg

Cubase 12-2023-10-28-131802.ips (152.4 KB)
Cubase 12-2023-10-28-130358.ips (156.6 KB)