Cubase crash options

EDIT: Seems its an nvidia issue … somehow the old nvidia drivers (which are ones that worked best with my system) are crashing cubase… I will experiment a sec.

Thanks to martin for discovering that it was nvidia…


I just lost lots of work with the message:

So the plugin sentinel is pretty much worthless…

Can you please add a “Save” option or a different option to just closing the dang program?
Also- Cubase has stopped working because of what? I want to know why and not just click “ok” on a silly message that crashes the whole program.

c9 error.JPG


As far as I know (but I’m not sure), this is Windows dialog, not Cubase. So Steinberg cannot change it. In any case, I would prefer to save a project, which seems to be in a very bad shape, it crashes. Auto Save does the job.

To be able to know, where does it crash, the crashdump file has to bee resolved. You can find it in the Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps. Share it with me, via PM, please.

Hi Martin

Thank you for your solidarity in this dark time. I am very angry and disappointed because losing quality music is very detrimental to me.

Words cannot describe the feeling of loss I get when this happens. If it is just some garbledigook, fine. But this is highly inspired music and well… after these things happen, the spirit/muse leaves and I am left alone and enraged on the inside… I mean really enraged… and shocked… its very sobering, yet surreal and dreamy… If it wasn’t for my supernatural self control in this matter, bad things would happen…

that is why things like this need to be addressed. for me it feels like sabotage and it is hard to recover from this type of crash. the “materia prima” … the essence of the song is gone and cannot return. now i can just sweep together the broken shards on the floor and hope that it will still turn into something that harmonizes with the universe… but it usually doesn’t after such a loss… Given- I did not spread it out yet and only had idk, something like 64 bars (32 lost)… but still , those bars I was working on held the magic to work with…

I am very appreciative that you are here and willing/attempting to help me .

I am sending you the crash dump via PM…

I opened the maximizer on the masterbus (for the first time) to see how it sounded. It had a very nice influence on the material. then it happened. the screen froze. the music was playing, but cubase was totally unresponsive.
windows was still fine in the background because i could move the mouse to the taskbar etc… it was just a frozen cubase playing music. so I then enjoyed the music for a couple of minutes more until the crash message came up and cubase crashed completely:/… the last moments of enjoying the sound were lovely i must admit… I really wish there was some kind of protection for this scenario…

thanks again , dear martin … PM is on its way…

edit: and pls steiny… allow zip/txt file uploads on this forum. I mean how useful is only allowing picture uploads? (also via pm) (all it takes is to change the php script to add “zip” and “txt”. thats it… 10 characters that you can add to make all our lives much more productive…

->“thank you for understanding and not taking anything personal.”

I don’t know whether this will help. Autosave might be useful to help save at least some of the files.

File > General > Auto save interval

You can set the time between saves - remember it does not save whilst playback or recording is going on. I would also set the BAK files to however many you think you might need. I think the oldest gets deleted with a new one. It might also be good to delete old BAK files after you have saved a project - for clarity’s sake.

Hey bud=)

thanks for your tips=)

Can you clarify some things for me please? :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing with autosave is that I do not always want to save everything… sometimes i like to “doodle” a bit while keeping the main save intact…

Does auto save just make a BAK file containing all new changes without affecting the main project save? or does it save directly to the “main save file”?

  • If it saves a parallel copy seperate to the main file - that would be great…
  • also, does the autosave affect recording/playback in any way?

thanks again and have a good one =)

Thankfully it’s a separate bak file.

nice , thx=)

does it affect recording or playback any? (audio skip or impact in performance or so? - I work at the limits of my cpu/system most times and right below the crackle mark and cannot afford any wasted cpu or so)

It hasn’t had any effect on any of the work I have done. No crackle at all. As I have said it only backs up when you are not using playback or record. If you are endlessly looping it will not back-up.

I usually get rid of many of them when I have the version I want. However they have save my bacon on a number of times that I have forgotten to save. You might lose a couple of actions, but usually it is pretty good in the instance of an unexpected crash or have the ability to specify how many Bak files you want - older ones then get replaced by newer ones.

Perhaps if you are at the limits of your machine you could make use of Freeze or Render in Place to save some resources?

Nice info thx=)

yeah, i always use render IP… I have to …lol

For anybody that doesn’t have the latest greatest gear and is also always “pushing it to the limit” tip:
(not really a tip, but its how i get the most out of it)

  • be happy with the sound from the vst
    -render the sequence
    -turn off the vst and its effects with ALT-Click on it in the inspector
    -put it in a folder (incase u need to activate it and make changes later)

I am going to check the auto save now… one copy should be enough…

->I have also reverted to drivers from 2010… (many of the newer nvidia drivers have issues on my sys)
-they are nice and stable so far… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help peepz=)

Cubase 9 seems solid.

check your folder for .bak files timestamped just before your crash - you may actually still have all your precious work.