Cubase crash since 12.0.50 update

Here is a printscreen of my crash.
Only using Cubase sampler tracks atm and studently while trying to choose a kick drum from Groove Agent 5 browser panel it shows this.
Now i lost my entire 45m of work and cant save because the project is corrupted…

But post the crash log.

Here is the cras
Cubase 64bit 2022.11.4 (1.3 MB)
h file generated by Cubase

Groove Agent crashed, so make sure you are updated to the latest version, 5.1.11.

Also run Cubase in Safe mode and delete prefs.

Once done, test.

Hi Steve, thanks for your time.
I have latest 5.1.11.
I installed Cubase 12.0.30 after this but i still have GA 5.1.11. Im having another issues with groove Agent too. Like mentioned in this post :

Did you try reinstalling GA?

hi @Tj99 .
I did re install it today , before this crash .
I´ve been working on 12.0.30 for 45m now an no crashes.
I am using groove agent 5 5.1.11 but i still cant have access to the instruments in the browser panel like before. I might go back one version of GA too. :frowning:
Where can i get the installers ? cant find them in the steinberg´s downloads page ?

What’s the “browser panel” ? And do you have GA 5.1.11 listed as such in the VST plug-in manager window ?

Beside this, the GA installers are available here. And, as the project seems corrupted, I would try to create another directory and save the project in it, with the File>Save as… function.

Hi @cubic13 . i dont want to mess up the main post here, but to just let you know what i´m talking about here is a printscreen of what is showing to me in the instruments tab of the Load panel / browser panel.
The problem is this:

OK, got it. It’s the kit rack, with its associated Agent/Content set. Do you have all the expected kits in the kit slot selector ? If not, I would try, first, a rescan of the VST Sound location in Mediabay. Additionally, in the Steinberg Library Manager, I would check that all the agents/content sets are listed and installed correctly.

I only have the SE version, so I’m afraid that I can’t help a lot more, as this version doesn’t allow the use of multis (combinations of kits) : there is only one kit active at a given time, with its corresponding agent. The only thing I see is that the agent doesn’t appear as activated, at the first opening of the GA SE window. I have to select a kit to make it appear as so.

Hi @cubic13 , i appreciate your effort. Thanks.
I managed to fix this particular problem by copying the standalone version preferences into the Full GA5 folder. Its a but that many users are reporting and that is related to some “buggy” projects.
I posted the solution in the Forum dedicated thread