Cubase crash when closing down after using VST Transit every time

I am the only one the experience that Cubase 10.5.20 crashes every time I close down the program in sessions while I used VST transit?

Cubase do not crash when I do not open transit. It took me a few runs to figure it out, but now I definitely isolated my crashing shutdowns to this issue.

I am running on the latest windows build, with a computer as described in my signature


if Cubase has crashed a crash-log file has been saved. Can you please have a look and send me the file? (m.spork (at)

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hmm, I guess it doesn’t crash because there are no crashdumps in the folder?

My reason for thinking so is because the next time I start Cubase it asks me if I want to go into safe mode or trash preferences etc.

What happens is that normally if I close a project that doesn’t have anything to do with VST Transit my project close, but I still have the Cubase bar open so I can start a new project.
If I have a project that has been synced to VST Transit, I close the project, and also the Cubase bar closes automatically - so I must click my Cubase icon and Cubase re-scan and it asks me for safe mode or other actions in that dialogue box.

so finally Cubase produced a crashdump. This happened when I had a VST Transit project open (not opened from VST Transit), then went to VST Transit to open another project. Email sent

Sorry for lateness to this topic, did you ever get a resolution? I also see the message asking if I want to use safe mode or trash preferences pretty much each time I use Cubase 10.5.20 (Mac)

Due to the current lockdown situation, and trying to meet an album deadline, all of my current use is on projects relying on VST Transit meaning I see the crash message a lot.

I raised a support ticket a month ago but haven’t heard anything back. Do we support ourselves using the forum now? (Not trying to be snarky, just that I’d have come to the forum earlier if I’d realised!)