Cubase crashes after few specific steps

Hi support heros.

This would be my first post here :open_mouth: , because I am not able to solve this. I have a plug-in, which works fine while using it.

When I remove the plug-in from Cubase, everything is fine.
If I click + sign and any of the selections from that dropdown window ie. Add Instrument Track… Cubase quits.

Crash logs attached. I’m out of ideas what is causing it. Everything is up-to date in regards of drivers and what not. Two different variations of the crash occurrence, both resulted from same actions.

Plug-in is Mystery Islands Music Waldorf Pulse2X Editor. I can throw the download over via email if it is required.
Cubase 9.5_2020-10-05-150008_Jani-Mac-Pro-2013.crash (141 KB)
Cubase 9.5_2020-10-05-152603_Jani-Mac-Pro-2013.crash (143 KB)

Hi and welcome,

Please make sure the plug-ins are up to date.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?


Thanks for the reply. I did start with safe mode & disable preferences. Here is the result with the procedure from post 1. Looks the same to me.
I always keep my plug-in up to date.

The biggest issue is: If I set a debug point to plug-in, it won’t catch anything. Plug-in has been removed from Cubase and therefore no crash. The crash occurs when I press to add new tracks.
Cubase 9.5_2020-10-09-081926_Jani-Mac-Pro-2013.crash (149 KB)


All the crashes are in the graphic area.

Could you try to reinstall Cubase?


Yeah I’ll give it a shot. Could this be because of my plug-in? I mean it works with any other plug-in, but when I add my plug-in, remove it and try to add something else = crash.

I’m just out like a snowman with this issue and my plug-in customers are experiencing the same issue too (specific to macOS)


If it’s reproducible at multiple systems, then it’s quite likely.


OK I’m re-downloading the full installer now. Lets see how it goes.

I have seen reports from all macOS Cubase users, but here is the catch:
Live, StudioOne, Reaper or any other macOS VST host does not crash.

Therefore I’m asking for your help on this one. I can not trace it down, as it happens after I have removed my plug-in from the track. So the track view is empty, therefore I have no breakpoints to follow up. :confused:

Can I send over the VST so you could load it up, remove it from the track and see what happens? I mean, you can trace this further away since I can’t debug Cubase functions.


Sorry, I also can’t debug Cubase function during the runtime.

Oh ok…

I did re-install everything and no luck. I just can’t wrap my head around this :confused: Who can run the debug on Cubase to see what is going on? This is only happening with VST @ macOS Cubase and it’s killing me. Every other DAW works just fine.


Isn’t there a VST plug-ins developers forum by any chance?

Oh yes there was indeed. I did not know that. I posted my issue there, so maybe this could get resolved.