Cubase crashes on loading projects

Ever since installing Mac os Monterey cubase crashes when loading a project and shuts down. I’ve tried opening the projects without third party plugins which works but I have no idea what’s causing this. I’ve had no problems before but all of a sudden I can’t open barely any of my old projects. I used to be on cubase 10:5 but updated to 12 just now to see if that would make a difference but still the same issue. Thankful for any advice on what to do to make it work.
Cubase 12-2022-07-18-123803.ips (70.0 KB)

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I’m sorry, there is literally nothing in the Crash thread:

Thread 0 Crashed::  Dispatch queue:
0   ???                           	    0x7ff6b27d40c0 ???

Do you have more of the *.ips files, please?

It’s basically the same thing all over again in all reports.
Ive managed to get some projects to work, but they just close down randomly after a while and cubase crashes. Even sometimes when it actually works good, when I close a project cubase crashes.

It’s all very unstable and unpredictable.

Cubase 12-2022-07-18-140628.ips (76.0 KB)

Cubase 10.5-2022-07-18-103942.ips (236.7 KB)

Cubase 12-2022-07-18-133228.ips (222.9 KB)
Cubase 12-2022-07-18-130733.ips (234.0 KB)


Apart from one *.ips file, the rest look exactly the same. Even the one from Cubase 10.5. I would say this is on Apple side and I would get in contact with Apple support in this case.