Cubase crashes on start, after the latest update 10.03

I think the article tells clearly about the problem…

Mac OS. Sierra 10.12.5

obliged to go back to vers 9.5

10.02 was ok… can we go back to 10.02 ? that was working at least…


Same for me,

Mac OS. Sierra 10.12.6

10.0.20 was working correct, after installing 10.0.30, lots of older projects (made on 10.0.20) crashes when opening.

Help needed



What is the last text you can see on the splash-screen?

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Could you attach a *.crash file located in macOS Console utility, in the User Reports folder in it, please?

late reaction but perhaps this could helps others.
I did a clean uninstall and reinstalled cubase full installer and the problem was solved.
All other updates until 10.0.5 are working stable.

Thank you