Cubase crashes out when i use any instrument

So i have been having some issues with cubase 10. the error has persisted for a while and i thought at first that it was just that it required a patch to work but the problem happens every time i use cubase.

cubase loads quickly i can start a new project or open a current one or a preset as per normal.
i am having no problem hearing sounds. I have 2 different drivers that i can choose between if i want to, they both work(regarding hearing sounds from cubase)
if i open and instrument track, and pick any plug in(ones that come with cubase on download e.g. Halion sonic SE) it will allow me to look thought he whole library and pick anything i want to add to a track comfortably, with no slow down. once i have picked one if i play a note using an input device(any input device inducing generic qwerty keyboard, midi keyboard even mouse pointer on the screen) it will play the note and then crash out of cubase, 100% of the time, with no error code and without creating a DMP file. This can happen on the first input of a note or even up to 30 seconds of continuous playing, but it will always crash out. at the point of crash a low frequency sound (POP-POP) will play and the mouse cursor will become an hour glass as if it is trying to load something.

i have tried complacently uninstalling both the e-lisencer and cubase(together and independently of each other) on multiple occasions.i have tried different audio drivers, using different midi input devices and generic input devices(qwerty keyboard). different audio interfaces(behringer xenyx q802 usb) and without them installed.

i have had this problem for about 3 months now i literally cant use the program because this happens.

my computers specs are:
i5-6400 16gm of ram and a 970 graphics card
2 hard drives 1 is ssd (1tb) and 1 is sata (1tb)
64 bit system

any help or ideas is greatly appreciated!

Hi and welcome,

Please attach crash dump file located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder.