Cubase Crashes, then loses ASIO, requiring reboot

Whenever Cubase (or Nuendo) freezes, forcing me to kill it from the Task Manager, it somehow changes the ASIO Driver in the Device Setup screen from “M-Audio Delta ASIO” to “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver”, and will not let me change it back until I reboot the computer.

Any idea why this happens?

BTW I notice Cubase freezes more often when I use VariAudio - anybody have any idea why, or how I can prevent it? It never seems to happen if I do just a little pitch correction or warping, but if I have to do extensive editing on a track, it seems to reach a point where I can’t make any more edits without freezing.


It sounds as though Cubase is losing connection with your audio system and trying to switch to an alternative ASIO. Perhaps losing physical connection might be the cause?

I would suggest a careful check of all cables and connections. Reseat any audio cards, (with power disconnected of course). Swap out cables where possible. At least confirm all connections really solid. If you’re still having a problem then, reload audio system drivers.

Regarding Variaudio, i find that long files slow down graphic response, so take smaller sections of a vocal (say 30 secs) audio bounce in place to make a new version and work with that.

Hope this helps

Yeah, this unfortunately is the case as it keeps some processes locked for a couple minutes until they’re flushed (so restarting is usually faster). This has’t been an issue for me since I got an RME interface though as their driver seems ok with starting another asio task even right after a cubendo crash. (I’d had the same experience as you with an maudio driver.)

Thanks, both you guys. I’m hoping this will be less of an issue as I migrate to 64Bit (see my other post). Meanwhile, thanks Parrotspain for the suggestion of bouncing smaller sections - that seems to help. :slight_smile: