Cubase Crashes When Editing In Crossfade Editor

Since cubase 7 I have always had this same reoccurring problem in cubase using both pc and mac platforms, I thought the issue might of been fixed in 8.5 but it is still there and would really like to solve this issue.

Basically what has been happening is when I open the crossfade editor and try to tweak the settings as soon as I click on a parameter it completely crashes cubase. If I just apply a regular crossfade using hotkey “X” it works fine it’s not until you physically open the crossfade editor panel and hit a parameter when it crashes.

Has anyone else had this issue?
How can this be fixed?

This is a serious problem for me when I am working on editing projects it basically takes my ability of being able to crossfade away.

I have had this same problem for a long time. Still haven’t heard of a fix.

This is still happening in Cubase 10.5.