Cubase crashes when opening project

I recently upgraded from 6.5 because i suddenly could’t open project files. Cubase crashed every time. I tried removing vst after vst in search for the one causing problems. After removing Kontakt it seemed to work fine for a couple of weeks but then suddenly started crashing again. Removed other plugins, Cubase worked again for little while, then back to crashing so I gave up and upgraded to new computer, reinstalled windows, installed C8.

Now all was good for a couple of months until bam suddenly I can’t open projects again.

I’ve tried not using Sternberg Hub and deleted the preferences. Still no good.

Anyone have any ideas before I move over to Logic?

Any Slate plug-ins?


Simple, in 99.999% of all cases it’s either one of two things:

  1. Corrupt prefs (or a rare, deeper issue that might require a Cubase reinstall).
  2. 3rd party plugins.

It’s usually #2.

Find which plugin(s) is causing the issue and see if there is an update and if the update helps; if not, use an alternative.

Right now I’m in such a cycle and have lost the use of Waves, Softube and iZotope plugins on large (10GB+) projects. Ironically, Slate Digital plugins are not crashing when swapped out in the same places.

I think it’s good to have some “backup” plugins during periods of DAW-plugin compatibility valleys.

Trust me on this, no DAW is immune to it. I beta test for two DAWs and own almost all other DAWs.

I’ve switched DAWs many times and it’s always a game of trading problems. That said, if it trades problems in way that works, then it makes sense.

As the project loads watch carefully when it crashes more often than not it will be a indication of which plug in is the problem. I once had a project that would crash as group 2 was loading, so I remebered that a certain plug in was laoded on that group. removing the plug in from my vst folder enabled the project to laod.

I’m finding the same issue w/ Cubase 8 and my waves plugins. It seems to be fine as long as I limit how many I use, but when it hits some amount, it doesn’t matter what plugin it is, then I can’t open the program. I have to remove the waves plugins from cubase, open up the project, and then remove some of the waves plugins, save it, and it will open again.

I look at the "vst performance and it’s not even sitting at 30%, so it can’t be that I don’t have enough memory.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my waves plugins twice. I’ve also had Cubase and Waves combination since CubaseVST 32 and have never had any issues until 8. I was also running Cubase 7, and 7.5 w/o any issues.

Now every project I’ve used appears to have a limit to the amount of waves. plugins.


Sorry to say this, but I’m really glad someone else is having this problem. :laughing:

I assume you’re on Windows. If I might ask, what is the memory utilization of the Cubase.exe app as viewed in Task Manager (right-click in the taskbar to find it)?

I had a similar problem the other day, my Cubase 8 won´t go pass the load screen after starting the program, it keeps on crashing at “content”. I had over the last weeks tried out a couple of trial VSTs from Sternberg, Triebwerk and some sound sets, and I thought maybe they were the cause to my problems. I went into every folder that could contain these files, deleted them all, problem solved :slight_smile: I am on Mac by the way, don´t know if that would help you, but I thought I would share my problem here, it might work out for you if you have installed Sternberg VST trials.

This is obviously a serious problem! been happening to me a lot lately. I’ve been taking my time to learn this new version as I’ve recently transitioned from the older vst32 5.1r version. Big change I know…
I have no additional vst’s installed.
Projects with up to 10 tracks of multi track audio open with no problem. Add halion se to the mix, save, then re-open…
Crash! wtf!

I’m going to have to check when I get home. I didn’t notice it being overly high (but I might have been side tracked looking at the VST Performance information). I’ve had to open it each time to terminate Cubase.

I am running Windows 7 in 64 bit.

The projects that don’t open in pro 8, open just fine in 7. Clearly a bug issue involving.
If my project involves halion se it crashes. If not it’s good.
Projects with halion that crash in pro 8, do ok in 7.
Also audio tracks that have an input buss activated but no audio recorded yet seem to make pro 8 crash. Weird.
I’ll post more crash scenarios as I find them. Till then productivity will continue in 7.


I removed the Soundtoys plugins and was able to load projects for a while but now it’s crashing again. Same as Kontakt 5.

Why would it work for a while and then stop working?

8 is also crashing when I have an external device activated (I.e. Patchscript names).

Initialising Preferences

Corrupted program preference files can bring your Steinberg program into all kinds of troubles, particularly after installing an update.
Fortunately, refreshing the preferences is quite easy:

Close all programs.
Open the “Run” command prompt.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
Windows XP: Select “Run” from the Start menu.
In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter this path: %appdata%/Steinberg
Locate the folder which is named the same as your Steinberg program, for example ‘Cubase 7’.
Rename it (for example, from “Cubase 7.5” to “xCubase 7.5”) in order to hide it from the sequencer. The folder will only be hidden safely, if the change will be done before the original folder name.
If you find folders of previous versions of your program, make sure to hide or remove them, too.
Next time you start your Steinberg program it will create a new folder with fresh preferences and default settings - which hopefully fixes the problem you’ve experienced.

Please note: Make sure to hide or remove preferences folders of all installations of your Steinberg program. Otherwise the program would try to comply with them when creating fresh preferences. And exactly this could be the source of errors.

Initialising the program’s preferences does not necessarily mean that you lose all settings. For example if you have defined your own set of key commands that you want to keep you can replace the corresponding file (Key Commands.xml) in the freshly created folder by a copy of the same file taken from the folder you’ve disabled by renaming.

Alternative ways: Instead of renaming it, you also can move the preferences folder of your program from Steinberg’s application data folder to another place, for example the Desktop. You even can simply trash it if you are sure that your user settings are not that hard to rebuild. Another approach: Since in many cases the file “Defaults.xml” will be the trouble maker you also could try if renaming or deleting only this particular file already solves the problem.

This Knowledge Base article provides further information on Cubase’s preferences and their location: Cubase and Nuendo Program Preferences Files in Detail

Making a backup of the preferences obviously is a good idea, especially when you customize a lot. And it’s easy: Simply keep a copy of the preferences folder that you can fall back on whenever you need to reset the preferences to your preferred settings.

After I do this, all cpr in error now work in CBP8 .


Deleting the prefs doesn’t help unfortunately.

I now have narrowed it down to Kontakt 5 and 32bit plugs using Jbridge. Removing them makes C8 quite happy.

However, I find those plugs more important than Cubase so migrating to Logic seem the most logical thing to do before i’m out of businness completely.

Another update. Even after removing the 32bit plugs as well as Kontakt5 (dll) Cubase is still crashing when creating the mixer channels. No inserts or anything there. Super weird. Always the same channels causing the crash so it must be a Cubase problem then, not a third party one.

I have an update regarding my Waves issue. First, it was crashing when memory went to a little below 50%, which was between 6.4 and 7.2 gig of memory used. I spent a full eight hours with Waves Support. It seems there was some graphic process that was running in the background Waves was having an issue with. I have an AMD RAdeon R9 200 Series, and I think the Catlaist program was the issue. After shutting down the background processes for video, I’ve been able to open the problem projects and haven’t been limited by tracks.

I also have this extremely annoying problem with Cubase Pro 8 crashing for about just anything.

I am on Imac OSX Yosemite 10,10,5
Cubase Pro 8 V 8,0,30 (aug 31st 2015 update)

I removed all Kontakt VST instruments from Cubase folders and even from the Mac and still Cubase crashes for no understandable reasons.
I don’t understand how Steinberg can let this happen and not get involved into the problem more deeply.
Sometime you try to find an answer on the internet writing very specific things like Cubase Pro 8 Crash and you can easily get a forum answer that is from 20000000??? with Cubase 4,5, 6 or what not.
The pro’s at Steinberg are always trying to sell us updates, and VST packages but where are they to solve our day to day problems?

Funny enough , i tried to open projects that crashes within Cubase Pro 8 in Cubase 7 and guess what no crashes…