Cubase crashes with no freeze or warning

Hey, I think I might be repeating what other users are experiencing but I can’t find a way to solve this.

Cubase 10 is crashing and it doesn’t seem to be consistent with what causes it. I can be editing a vocal and crash, working on midi and crash. Sometimes it’ll be stable for a few hours sometimes only 10 minutes. I tend to use Slate digital and native instruments a lot but I’ve also had problems when using stock only

My system is Windows 10
16g ram
Focusrite Scarlet soundcard

Thanks in advance for any help, Kyle

I had my fingers crossed yesterdays update would have fixed the issue. It didn’t but I do have a crash dump file. It’s to big to attach so here’s a link to the file on my dropbox

Thanks, Kyle

My problem is Cubase just closes with no warning if I am trying to highlight notes on the piano roll while Cubase is autosaving.
There is no dump file
Windows 10 64bit
16 GIG ram
Tascam US 366 Sound card

Cubase 10 is the most buggy release in 15 years… Poof crash happens to me constantly… had to go back to 9.5

I’m glad this isn’t my first cubase or I’d be looking for new software. Thankfully 9 is really stable

9.5 are stable for me. 10 is not.

Same here. Cubase 10 crashes without warning.

OS: Windows 10
Notebook: Dell XPS 15

9.5.1 works great on that device

I uninstalled all plugins, removed the plugin folders (VST2, VST3, under program file, as well as common dir), did a complete uninstall and reinstall again, but nothing changed.
I was waiting for 10.0.15 hoping this solves the issue, but its the same problem like in 10.0.10.

I tried the tips according disabling HDMI Support, or this color issue. I tried to add a soundtoys plugin and so on, all available tips online.

Now, I dont know how to handle the problem any longer.

I just had a stable 4 hours. Steinburg support said that my problem might have been related to my Nvidia graphics card. Using the default windows one seems to work. Time will tell though

can agree with this. Seems to work with internal graphics of the XPS15.

No more crashes, Once I removed my video card and used onboard video on my Asus X99 Deluxe II MB w/ 128gb RAM. I even run my 60’’ LG tv from the Thunderbolt EXII card that comes with motherboard. I’ve setup 25 Cubase 10 /Win10 ver 1809 DAWs so I know what to do. Just music no games on these machines. Laptop installations seem to work better. As far as 4k screens go I can’t help. Look on my other posts for further configurations. Common sense dictates that 128 GB will run Cubase 10 will 32GB run it? Sure, but not as well. Especially if there’s a whole bunch of programs not DAW related to clog up your registry. Not so long ago I remember picking up 4 reels of Ampex 456 2" tape for around 900.00. So invest well in CPU power and RAM it doesn’t cost that much now. Steinbergs updates DO NOT INSTALL CORRECTLY Period. I backup then do fresh full install Cubase 10 pro on a fresh Win10 install. That’s how I’ve been installing since Win10 was released. Cubase 10 Pro runs great on Win10 if setup properly.

Removing a graphic card from PC so just one program can run is a no way acceptable solution in my case.
It’s been a while since version 10 went live and no fix to crashes has been made. I will think 4 times before I buy another Steinberg product…

I’m glad I looked here, I am getting the same. Previously used Cubase relatively trouble free. I’m now getting serious error crashes with C10. Glitches/bugs galore, constantly having to find workarounds because things don’t work as they should or how they used to on earlier versions. My productivity has taken a serious hit because of your software. Just sayin’.

Me too Pikachu!

Must be some dodgy VSTs Q10 is more sensitive to.

So I have just upgraded to Cubase 10 from 9 and it was a worst decision!! It crashes after 10 minutes of work and I don’t have an external graphic card.

Is it possible to get the money back and downgrade to 9 ? :angry: