Cubase Crashing after Installing Melodyne

I’m having a really difficult time figuring out why Cubase will not start up anymore after I downloaded Melodyne. For context I just built my first computer and making the jump from being on a laptop, I have just re-installed Cubase Pro 11 on the new desktop and it would start up fine. I went and downloaded a lot of my other 3rd party plugins and Cubase was running fine, however, as soon as I installed Melodyne I go to boot up Cubase and the initialization gets to “ARA service scanning Plugins…” and just crashes.

I have uninstalled Melodyne and Cubase started up just how it should. I then re-installed Melodyne again to see if maybe it was just a problem with the file being corrupted, also did the same with Cubase earlier because my original thought was the problem could’ve been within Cubase itself. Clearly the problem lies with Melodyne or Cubase’s ability to recognize the Plugin for some reason.

Wondering if anyone could shed some light on what I’m potentially missing or not troubleshooting correctly. Thank you :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Have you run memtest86+ thoroughly (for days if necessary)?

I am having the exact same problem. Uninstalling Melodyne solves the issue. Reinstalling creates the issue again… I have a session to tune. SO frustrating.