Cubase crashing everyday now on windows :(

this is just getting beyond a joke now trying to get work done on my studio 7950x with Cubase 13 :frowning:

Here’s todays crashes… latest is Autotune pro, very latest updat causing a poof to the desktop…not sure if there’s a log as it’s zero bytes and won’t upload. Here’s one from earlier, no idea why it crashed with this one… (3.1 MB)

Cubase 13.0.40 64bit2024.6.7 (3.6 MB)

I’ve worked on this machine for a year everyday, same hardware using Reaper and didn’t have a sinlge crash… not one… it’s now a dailt occurence quite often requiring a reboot…

Fortunatley I have no clients with me at the moment but there’s no way i could work with this with clients.

:frowning: I spent last week tracking down the meter bridge issue which crashed my mac as well so went back to the PC to hopefully carry on with more stability but it’s just It’s just one thing after another :frowning:
I don’t know what to say at this point…


Seriously, the machine was bullet proof with Reaper, I was working on albums all last year @96k , large and small projects, tracking real musicians , orchestral templates etc etc not ONE crash…

I prefer the GUI and workflow in Cubase though as Reaper is janky in this regard but I need stability…



Reported to Steinberg.

This message doesn’t come from Cubase at all.

There are still two crash related to the Meter Bridge:

  • Cubase 13.0.40 64bit2024.6.4
  • Cubase 13.0.40 64bit2024.6.4

Other crashes still come from:

  • Cubase 13.0.40 64bit2024.6.4
  • Cubase 13.0.40 64bit2024.6.7

martin the message might not come from Cubase but its crashing cubase.

I’ve opened my session and imported the audio into Reaper and it’s working fine there.

thanks for the reply though.

I’m going to open this project on the mac and see how it runs when I get home.

Very frustrating.

TBH this happened to me on a different machine when C 12 came out and I had to move to reaper at that point as I couldn’t trust Cubase in front of clients. I thought 13 might have sorted things , and I have a new fresh machine for it but it’s proving to be unreliable again.

I can’t blame the hardware as reaper is running flawlessly .


This “out of place engine initialization” thing is something I experienced some time back with another Antares product (Mic Modeler). There is a nominal solution for it on their website at:

I had issues with their solution due to the version of Mic Modeler, which was supposed to be permanent, but wasn’t in their system for getting the updates. Thus, I ended up contacting their tech support, and they fixed their database so I could get the newer version, and then going through the process fixed the issue.

If I remember correctly, the issue crashed whatever version of Cubase I was running at the time (probably 12.x, though possibly an earlier version of 13), too. But I’ve been using Mic Modeler on my latest project with Cubase 13.0.40, and it is still working, so I’m thinking this one is definitely an Antares issue that needs to be resolved. Maybe it doesn’t affect Reaper for some reason, and I don’t know why it started happening back when I saw it (maybe something after a Windows update or some file corruption or…?).