Cubase crashing many times before finally opening the project

Hello everyone,

In some of my projects, when I try to open them, during Cubase loading the channels it will randomly crash (in different time each time), and then I have to open the project again, until finally after a few times it successfully opens the project.

So say after 4 times of crashes, I can open the project, after 30 minutes.
It might be a virtual instrument or a plugin, but when I open Cubase again it doesn’t say what caused the issue.

Will a dump file help in this case? I don’t understand why it causes a crash randomly (sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t).

Once the project is already open, everything works fine.

What should I do please? Can I somehow send Steinberg a crash log?

Thanks a lot in advance

Have you ever tried to start Cubase in Safe Mode (without plug-ins) after a crash? Then you know for sure that it is due to one of the plug-ins you are using.

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Hey MAS thanks for your answer.
I didn’t, but in many small projects I work on it never crashes, so it’s the same as trying on safe mode right?

No, not necessarily. It sometimes depends on certain circumstances. Therefore, a certain plug-in may work in one project and cause problems in another. The next time you open a project that crashes on startup, you should definitely try Safe Mode. Then we can better narrow down whether the cause of the crash is a plug-in or something else.

Did you see any similarities between these projects?
Since only some projects crash, it would be interesting to know if there is a commonality.

Hey MAS thanks again!

The similarity I see is that it happens usually in bigger projects, so I assume that problematic plugin exists in those.

I’d just like you ask you please, when I try Safe Mode the next time a project crashes - what should I check, or expect to see? How can I troubleshoot it further when opening in safe mode?

Well, if you deactivate the plug-ins, then the project affected by the crashes should not cause any problems afterwards. And that at every start and no matter how often. Then we know that the crashes are really caused by a plug-in. (You don’t have to wait until the next crash to test this either. You can press CTRL + Shift + Alt at startup to launch the safe mode dialog.)

Because Cubase only crashes on certain projects (and there only occasionally), it can take some time and patience to find the cause of the crashes. There are many ways to get to the desired goal. My way is only a suggestion. It is important that you proceed systematically. That’s why I suggested a simple way first. This way you can narrow down the problem directly to the plug-ins. (Or exclude them as the cause.)
But if you are absolutely sure that it is a plug-in, then you can also deactivate/remove each plug-in in your project step by step and see if or when Cubase runs stable. This way you will find the culprit immediately. (You should definitely make a backup before you start troubleshooting.)

But of course there can be other reasons for the crashes. Therefore I come back to your question from your initial post:

Yes, this can be a help and speed up the search for the cause. Therefore you should take a look at this thread:

There it is explained how you can read the dump files.

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Oh I see what you mean now, with safe mode I can narrow it down and see if it’s a plugin or an instrument and then proceed from there
Makes total sense.
Will check the dump file guide as well thank you very much for your help!

Unfortunately that’s not true… when disabling the plugins it disables the instruments as well, basically everything is disabled, so it doesn’t help.
And what’s more, Cubase doesn’t eve create dump files during these crashes, so not even that :confused: