Cubase crashing when ic pro is running

Are there any news to this? Cubase closes randomly without creating a crash report file, when Cubase IC Pro is running. Happens multiple times during a session and makes it completely unusable. Are there any statements on this?

As it turns out I am not alone with this.

This would certainly stop me from jumping to 12 unless it is fixed. I use it on 11 all the time

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@mkok Not sure if they will ever fix this, as Cubase IC Pro is sadly not developed anymore AFAIK. Its such an elementary part of Cubase, I cannot believe there is no interest in further investing in this. This however was already buggy before C12.

Main use case here is to make it possible for artists to adjust their own volumes during recording. But also when you’re in the recording room recording yourself, to be able to control cubase from there.

Its like adding a feature to a program, which makes it complete and then after a while just dropping it. Thats even worse than never implementing it in the first place.

I agree it has got worse over the years. So many things don’t work with it already. What is annoying is that most other software manufacturers now produce an app that is free and is updated. My rme TotalMix app is free as well as my zoom L-20.

They just don’t answer any of the questions either do it’s so frustrating. This lack of support for icpro and some of there older software is frankly disgusting. I suppose I will end up with Cubase 12 but it’s really not on.

Question: Do you experience the same crashing if you just access the SKI remote through a web browser on your iPad or whatever?

The slow death if IC Pro has been disheartening to watch. It’s almost like they’ve given up and are tacitly telling us to just use Avid Control and Eucon.

In fact, aside from Apple and Presonus, most of these companies seem to have largely abandoned their efforts at remote apps.

Edit: Aside from Apple, Presonus, and Avid (obviously).

I have t tried but I’m not on Cubase 12 so I aren’t getting crashes. Looks like I’ll have to go back to Eucon. It was forever updating which I suppose is good but it always seem to happen just as I was about to use it!

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@toddbooster yep, does not change a thing. Cubase crashes always after some time if there is some remote device connected. Does not matter if by APP or browser etc.
Indeed, its very sad, as this would be such a great feature.

So Avid control and Eucon can be used for Cubase?

Yes, certainly. Just add Eucon as a device in Studio Setup, install the Eucon software from Avid (free, but you need an account) on your computer, and the app on your mobile device. Works quite well, you have control over the mixer, sends, cue sends, and all of the channel strip effects (eq, comp, gate etc.) are under the tab called “heat”.

It seems like they’ve put a lot of effort into being compatible with Eucon, instead of their own app. I wish they’d just say one way or the other what their plan is (assuming they have one).

Edit: Deleted previous post because it didn’t quote in the reply for some reason.

@toddbooster wow, thanks!
Well in the end I do not care that much if it is an app from Steinberg, as long as it is working properly and free. I’ll give it a try!