Cubase Crashing when loading projects

Hey sorry to bother you all, I’ve finally purchased Cubase 10 pro after the upgrade sale and I’m a newcomer (although I did use it during my time at sixth form about 7 years ago). I’m a complete newbie to setting up Cubase as I’ve come from a FLstudio or Magix music maker background.

I downloaded version 10.5.12 and installed it on a Windows 10 Laptop on Friday, however when I tried to put in a HALion sonicSE or Groove AgentSE track. The VST would load then it would crash. I worked around that by loading anything but those two first and then those two would work afterward, however I’ve now got an issue where whenever I save my project it crashes when I try to load it again.
I’ve not saved any projects until last night.
However whenever I loaded it up this morning it would crash.
I can save it and load a project when I don’t close Cubase fully, and I can save and load it with just groove agent it seems, however when I load a project with Halion sonic SE in it it seems to then crash upon loading. No error message, it just crashes.
I can load it and not activate it, but when I activate it it’ll freeze on either a HALion sonic track I labelled Synth 3 or “Mixing” then crash. I’ve even loaded and not activated it but deleted every track and automation in it and it still crashes. I’m at my wits ends as I’ve spent a lot of money on this and it’s crashing whenever I load a project which isn’t ideal.

I’m not well versed in PC/Laptop hardware requirements or components so it’s very possible I’m missing something obvious to you, and my laptop just cannot handle it.

At first I thought the problem might be because I have two drives in my laptop one is Windows (C:) with 222GB (now 44.1Gb free after installing Cubase) and the second is Hard Drive (D:) with 931Gb (185Gb free after downloading the Cubase WIN64 Cubase Pro 10.5.12- Full file onto it)

Device information
Interl® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz
12GB RAM with 11.9 usable
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I’m trying to upload the Cubase10.5.exe.15228 Crashdump file from the location C:\Users\tobyp\AppData\Local\CrashDumps but I keep getting a message saying file is too large, it’s 78.8MB.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading, Toby.

Hi and welcome,

Please attach Cubase crash dumps located here:
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

If you cannot attach them, upload them to a Dropbox or similar service and share the link here.

It’s fine now I was able to fix it. Had to delete and reinstall everything from the e licenser software to cubase several times and it worked. Have done multiple projects and used many VSTs and effects since with no problem.