Cubase crushes on startup


I’ve got problem as you see in atattchemt. Please help me
Cubase doesnt start and when initialising vider player it crashes.

95% of chance of being some out of date plugin

I find that it’s usually caused by a conflict between VSTs and/ or VST instruments.
when you see this popup, check the ‘Deactivate’ box. it should then boot up.
You will then see a window with all the plugins that aren’t running. One of those is the issue.

One problem I have is a conflict between the HALion Instrument and the Lexicon REVERB plugin.
The solution is that I disable the HALion track before I save the project.
It always opens for me after that, and then I activate again when I work on the project.
a hassle… but it works.

Thanks for recommendations. Now I’m waiting for answer from Steinberg Support. I sent file with information about system I’ve got. In attachment I send dmp file with problems.
Support claims that problem is in the ig9icd64.dll file. But now I konw all.
If there the problem will be resolved I’ll give you a holler.
If you have some ideas how to resolve it I will appreciate it.
ThxCubase 64bit 2021.8.22 (461.2 KB)
System is clean and only installed Cubase.