Cubase current note length as previous note length in key editor

Can cubase infer a drawn note length as the previous note length in the key editor? (say i click add an 8th note, can the next note be also 8th note until resized ?)I find my self having to select different note lengths and its killing the workflow .

The note length is determined by the Length setting.

Different lengths can be assigned key commands:

okay let me put it this way, can note length be resized past the current selected note length? say in your screenshot where grid is 1/16 and note length is say 1/4th note, if want to resize a drawn note to a 1/16 th it doesn’t happen . unless you change the note length to 1/16th. why does it work thi sway? its confusing

When drawing in a New Note in the Key Editor (or resizing an existing Note) you can make it any length you like when Snap is disabled. If Snap is enabled then the Note Lengths will Snap to increments of your Quantize setting. So if you had Quantize set to 1/16, then you can draw in Notes with lengths of 1/16, 1/8, dotted-1/8, 1/4 etc.

Don’t think of your Quantize setting as a length, it is more like setting your rhythmic resolution.

matter of fact i need the snap on

Then hold down Ctrl/Cmd while resizing with the mouse.

Then it can still be resized, only restricted to multiples of the Quantize setting. If you don’t want to be restricted to multiples of your Quant setting, the only option is to temporarily disable Snap or override it as @Johnny_Moneto suggests.