Cubase cursor problems on Mac

I just purchased a Mac m1 pro and installed Cubase 12 artist. There are several problems with the cursor/GUI and it is very frustrating.
When I run cubase (using Native, not rosetta), initially everything is fine. Glitching starts starts immediately and the problem becomes permanent until I restart the program.

The different editor functions (range, draw, cut, etc.) , do not show where the cursor is. For example I want to use the range function and it will perform the range selection, but won’t show the range icon where the cursor is. The same with all the functions. Also when I want to increase the size of a track on the left, it won’t change the cursor icon. Also, particularly problematic, there stops being a hand icon for setting the left and right locators or creating a loop - this has the effect of making it almost impossible to do so. It just move the project cursor position to where I click instead of any other command. Also the track events start losing the white corner boxes used for fade ins/outs, duplicating and resizing etc.

I have attached screenshots of some of these problems. Update: it seems screenshots don’t include the mouse icon. It is just plain mouse icon. The highlighted audio event still demonstrates the last problem.