Cubase De-activated-- I hate cubase

I went through the painstaking process of installing and activating Cubase AI a while ago. It took several days, was not simple, and truly a PIA. Even when I got it figured out and installed, I still had problems the entire time trying to use Cubase and the audio never worked and wasted so many hours of trying to troubleshoot, locate missing files, etc…

Suddenly my product is de-activated. The soft-elicenser does not want to work anymore. See pic:

Whyy?? It was working before, I had cubase activated on my computer! I’m so friggin frustrated, I’m ready to give up and never touch cubase again. It’s getting to the point that I’m ready to just buy a different DAW, one where I can just plug-and-play and actually create music in. Why did it de-activate on me??? I actually had time today to spend troubleshooting my missing files problem, and now I can’t even open the stupid program.

Did I mention all the times I had to re-install the audio drivers on my computer because cubase would trigger an annoying buzzing noise, like a broken television??? This program is terrible. Is it because I have a PC and not a MAC?? Seriously, am I the only one having so much trouble with it??? Why is it doing this to me??


Try to start eLCC application as administrator and trigger Maintenance.

Is the Soft-eLicenser Number registered in your MySteinberg account?

Some more SeL info here…

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