Cubase default input channel is spiking on all new projects after 13.0.41 update

Anyone else having problems with creating new projects after the latest update 13.0.41? Any new project now opens with the Default Input Channel maxed in the red. If I click it to reset it just spikes again right away.

More details needed :

  • What is your OS and interface ?
  • Could you make a screenshot of your Studio > Audio Connection > Inputs panel ? This, to be able to see what is the involved default input.
  • Any other setup modifications, especially related to routing, beside the 13.0.41 installation ?
  • What do you click to ‘reset’ it ? The meter or the ASIO driver ? IMO, only the second one could help, in this case.

Beside these, the first thing to check is to be sure that any feedback could be involved, in example, with a condenser mic, more or less oriented to your speaker.

OS is Windows 11
MIDI is Novation Launchkey 49
Audio interface is Scarlett 2i2
No setup modification, I just downloaded the update when it became available
Normally, I click on the meter to clear a spike

You posted a photo of the Outputs panel, I was asking for an Inputs one…

Beside this, check for any audio feedback loop and try an ASIO driver reset.

EDIT - How comes that you have a Steinberg Built-in ASIO Driver installed and where does this one come from ? You should have a Focusrite ASIO one instead…

Ah ha! That is weird. Scarlett isn’t even recognized now…

I just reinstalled the driver, and so far, there have been no problems. Why would the update kick Scarlett off, or is it some greater weirdness? Anyway, thanks for the help.