Cubase default volume settings?

I have Cubase 5, but I assume the same thing goes on with other versions as well.
Cubase’s default volume is about double more loud than everything else on my PC. Why is it like that, and is there are a way to modify the settings, so that the volume would be equal (or at least nearly similar) with other software’s ?
I often need to jump from Cubase to Winamp or browser player, or another editor, so it’s annoying to switch the volume after every jump.

Often also I forget that Cubase is so much louder, and just push play and I almost destroy my ears with headphones playing the stuff overloud.

thank your for helping

Could you give us more informations about the OS version, the audio interface at use and the way your different audio capable softwares are routed in it ?

Additionaly, the way you have set up the different mixer levels in Cubase 5 (a screenshot of it would also be welcomed, as I don’t remember how things were laid out in the pre-MixConsole days).

Cubase 5.1.0
Roland Quad Capture interface

I don’t understand “the way different audio capable softwares are routed in it ?”
I have this interface with USB on my Laptop, and all the sound comes out through it to my headphones. Mixer level at Cubase is 0.0

screenshot of mixer level

On my end, the Cubase outputs are not set in the same channels as my internet browser, in example. And all is set from the audio interface Control Panel (TotalMix in RME language - I saw that the Quad Capture also has one). So, I was wondering about how the different outputs of your audio capable applications were set in it.

More or less the same thing, here, but I use Cubase Control Room for this. Is it also your case ? Beside this, and again, what is the system/OS version used ?

The first thing I see in your screenshot is that your Cubase stereo outputs are clipping. So something is wrong in your overall mix levels… :thinking:

Have you checked the levels in you Windows Audio Mixer? I bet those are turned down.

Here are screenshots from Quad Capture’s Control Panel & Device Settings:

And here Windows audio mixer:

As you can see, there’s no Cubase listed, even if it’s on and playing at that time when I took the screenshot.

The clipping note was only connected to my Cubase project tracks, just a temporary thing, it’s always like that.
Windows 10 Home 22H2 is my operating system.

That is because Cubase uses a parallel audio system, not the one from Windows.
Here is a graphic:

Windows has no control over Cubase’s volume level in any way. Only the driver for the interface (and its control panel) allow an additional volume setting.

So if your volume level in Windows for “Device 1-2” is set lower than 100% and in Cubase it is not, Cubase will be louder.

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Although I’m on a mac, something similar can happen on my set up (MOTU 4pre). The 4pre has separate outputs for main audio and headphones.

I use control room as it’s the best thing that humanity has ever created, after cheesecake.

I can set the 4pre’s headphones to mirror the main outputs or have the headphones as a separate output with its own volume.

In Control Room, I have an output for the main outputs and a second one for the headphones, each with it’s own volume knob visible in Control room.

If I have the 4pre set up in a certain way, I hear BOTH the outputs from Control Rooms Headphones and main output channels, so it gets much louder (and sometimes weird if I have correction plugins on the headphone channel, which I always do).

Just an FYI.