Cubase deleted my workflow preferences

Hey guys,

For an unknown reason, Cubase deleted my preferences, I started the software and it doesn’t know what sound card to use, doesn’t show the seconds in the transport and many more things that I configured and now don’t appear.
Is there a way to restore it?


If you stored them in a profile yes…

What happend? Windows Update?

I have no idea what happened, many times I close Cubase from the task manager because it refuses to shut down if I have a big project but up until now it was fine.

I have a Windows update pending actually! Thanks to you I now created a profile(:

Windows forces users sometimes to enable a Microsoft account to sign in, but this leads to a new user account on the same machine, users with just Microsoft software don’t see much difference, but stored settings for other software belong to the old account… I don’t say that this is the case at your sytem, but could be a place to look for old data…

Oh I see, I don’t think it’s my case, I didn’t sign into anything and also I still didn’t even do the update…I suspect (but not sure) that this time when forcing Cubase shut down, it caused this loss. I hope that with this backed up profile I can just load it if it ever happens again

Thanks again!

Make sure your profile is activated…

I only duplicated the default without switching to it, is it ok?

you can keep the default one…
but to be on the save side you would need to duplicate it again after configuration changes
since it’s name is “Default” maybe Cubase can overwrite it in case of reinstallation

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I see what you mean that makes sense thanks mate