Cubase Delta1010lt no audio playback.

Hi running Cubase with a Delta 1010lt sound card, i normally compose music just using VSTs and evrything runs normally, but i wanted to record some vocals and managed to record the sound in Cubase but have no output on the master fader in Cubase mixer hence no playback.
I think the problem is i have routed the Delta driver ( as opposed to the generic low latency drivers in Cubase) to record the vocal , and i have recorded that signal but cannot hear it on playback through my headphones because i normally receive the playback audio from the computer via the Realtek audio.

There seems no way to route it when using the Delta driver back to my headphones/speaker in the computer.
Sorry to appear a bit stupid but i don’t know how to resolve this problem if anyone could offer any advice it would be a big help.

( i am thinking tthat maybe even when i have been recording all this time that the audio was never running through the Delta card and just the audio driver in Cubase which has a higher latency value around 20, as Delta is only 6)
Running cubase 5.

When you select the delta driver all audio in and out will be through the delta. You will need headphones or speakers connected to the delta.

Hi Jeff, i suspected that, i am about to get a mixing desk so that will cure then.

There is a way, Asio4All would probably let you use both the Delta and your onboard soundcard simultaneously. That will however come at a cost, I’m guessing the latency of your Delta will be increased a lot to match your onboard soundcard, so if you need Cubase for monitoring the vocal recording it’ll be difficult.