Cubase Desser Latency

Hello folks.

Whenever I load an instance of the Cubase 7 De-Esser onto a track it introduces a bit of latency that wasn’t there before. This latency still exists even when I deactivate the plugin.

Thanks in advance for your help


DeEsser has no added latency. Just tested here with an audio snippet imported in two tracks, one of which had DeEsser loaded. I also tried a null test to confirm:

– Empty project
– Import audio snippet
– Duplicate the track
– Invert phase on the duplicate
– They null perfectly
– Insert DeEsser on the duplicate track
– The tracks will not null due to the processing, of course
– Turning down the Reduction knob will progressively reduce the signal to complete silence, meaning they null also with the processor being active on that track

What you describe is very strange - did you try with different drivers (i.e. generic, ASIO4ALL, your soundcard’s, etc.)?


Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate the fact that Steinberg reps are all over this forum and always make a point to answer my questions. I probably forgot to mention that the latency occurred when I was monitoring the track, so that there would be a slight delay between the time I said something and the time I heard it in my headphones.