Cubase discount

For those who are considering a Cubase upgrade, there is currently a 40% discount sale running from March 1 to March 28, 2023.

I’m wondering if there is a discount for upgrading from artist 10.5 to pro 12?
I couldn’t find anything about that particular pathway.

  • You can click the red “Buy Cubase 12” button on the link below.
  • Choose “Cubase Pro 12” to get the popup.
  • In the popup, select the tab “Updates and upgrades”.
  • The 4th option from the top is for the upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 12. It says 197.40€, which is discounted from the normal price.
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I see it now. Thanks.

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I just saw this promotion and it expired yesterday, is there still a way to get the discount?

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If the promotion is over, it’s too late. But they do this promotion at least once a year (maybe twice, I’m not sure). So you could wait until the next promotion.

Hi ,
I am looking for Cubase Pro 12 disocunt.
Is there any redeem code.
Please guide.

  • Steinberg usually offers discounts at certain times in the year. But there is no discount at this time.
  • You could get Cubase Pro at lower cost than the full price if you own one of the softwares listed under “competitive crossgrades”. Or if you have certain older versions like an older Cubase Pro version, or one of the Cubase AI/elements versions that you sometimes get when you buy an audio interface.

All these are the options that you find in the popup window on the Steinberg website when you click on the “Buy Cubase 12” button. I don’t think there are any outside sources that offer discounts.

I got an email dated 21 July offering 40% off until 23 July. Unfortunately, I only received it today, 25 July. Bummer!