Cubase does not change Project Area Cycle Region or Editor Area Cycle Region BackGround Color ( Win & Mac )

Cubase does not change Cycle BackGround Color

On Mac it will change only the Project Area Cycle Region Background Color, not Editor

on Windows, neither one ( Project Background or Editor ) can be changed

Cubase 10.0.20 b187

I am looking forward for a fix


What parameter/color exactly do you mean? In the Preferences > User Interface > Custom Colors, I can see these options:

  • Ruler Background:
    – Inactive Cycle
    – Active Cycle
    – Reverse Cycle
    – Independent Track Loop

All works to me here.

Yeah in custom colors it says project area background and editor area background in the editor you used to be able to change the colour of the area cycle region but with this shit new update you can’t it also has made my tracks glitch all over the place I’m fukin fuming with Steinberg right now…