Cubase does not respond to ic pro after open a project

Hey folks,

strange problem:

  1. I start Cubase (no project opend)
  2. I connect the ic pro with it
  3. Now it works. I press Play in the app --> Cubase starts playing. I also can adjust the master fader with it.
  4. I open a project --> now Cubase does not respond to any commands in the app (no matter which project - also an empty one didn’t work). Furthermore, no mixer channels from the project are visible in the app. Reconnection at this point failed - the loading-screen appears and appears and appears and… …

I am using:

  • icpro App on Android, HTC One S
  • Windows7 x64
  • Cubase 5 x32
  • Connection via WLAN-Router

Whats wrong? Because I can establish a working connection before open any project it might be a problem that is related to an internal bug in Cubase itself… has anyone made similar experiences? Hope we can fix this…