Cubase doesn't accept recieve midi input

Today my (fully pathced) Cubase 8.5 stopped receiving midi input.

The input device is still there and it´s enabled in the device manager (also in “all inputs” group).
Any existing data plays back ok, but nothing happens when I use my keyboard.
I´ve tried arming, monitoring, turning the midi input channel on/off, restarting etc.

Now you´re probably going to tell me my keyboard is broken, but it woks flawlessly with all my stand alone vsti:s.

I´ve been a cubase user for 15 years but have no idea where to go from here.
Any suggestions?



Can you see incoming MIDI signal in the Transport panel?

Check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure Filter is nit enabled for MIDI Notes and Controllers, please.

Nope, no activity what so ever, but if I quit Cubase it works perfectly with a stand alone VSTi


COuld you try it in the Safe Start Mode, please?