Cubase doesnt benefit from Apple Silicon Native mode

recently switched fully to Apple native mode from using rosetta for 2 past years. there is no improvement for Cubase at all.
Logic on the other hand works about 35% more deficiently in native mode than rosetta mode.

What sort of ‘improvements’ were you expecting.? It would magically cut the CPU usage down to 0?
CPU’s for the last decade or so aren’t about MORE FASTER anymore… It’s about being able to use a larger load more efficiently. We’ve hit a peak as far as speed goes, now it’s all about management. Seems to me the M2 Pro does a pretty good job of balancing everything here.

I would expect Logic is one of the more efficient DAW’s for the Mac, they’ve got direct access to the engineers that design the hardware and the software it runs on. That would be pretty sad on Apple’s part if Logic was choking left and right (which it has in the past).

I was expecting Cubase to start up faster, and atleast 5% CPU usage improvement.

And, Yes it’s obvious to see such huge improvement in Logic.
And if CPU’s are about speed anymore than they should be atleast able to handle larger loads. Which again Cubase shows no improvement in Apple silicon native mode

It would be helpful for other mac users if you could be more specific about your experience. How many tracks/plugins/at what buffer size and so on.


If Doesn’t matter how many tracks or what plugins.
I worked on projects from just one stereo track for mastering, and orchestral projects with choir, and orchestral upto 320 tracks.

It is better with Apple Silicon.
I did a non scientific test with the Cubase demo project when Cubase 12 was released and found there was at least a 20% improvement over Rosetta which in itself was alot better than the intel i7 iMac was using.
Even with heavy projects I’m using just 15-20% CPU on average.

You did click once on the Cubase 12 icon in the finder, select “Get info” or COMMAND-i, and ensure that “run in rosetta” is deselected, right?

I personally saw about a 20% improvement when looking at the Audio Performance Meter when I switched from Rosetta to Native on my M1 Max.

My template is quite large and has about 50 Stereo returns from VEP. 15 Group tracks and 45 FX tracks for starters.

How long does it take to load?

The session takes between 30seconds to a minute to load. I don’t think I’ve ever timed it, but that’s a rough guess.

I never measured the difference between Rosetta and Native in respects to session load time. That’s personally never been a major concern for me. I only care about audio performance once the session is open.

I guess this is a testament to how good Rosetta is as a translator.

For me on one project, the Rosetta was using actually less CPU (per Audio performance meter), but only a bit. However, some Acustica Audio plugins are glitchy for me in Rosetta. I think it matters from the plugins a lot.