Cubase doesn't give sound with audio card Devine Centro 2i2o

I have Cubase Elements 12 and have a new external Audio device Devine Centro 2i2o.
Everytime when I start my PC and Cubase, Cubase doesn’t send the sounds to my audio device.
In the audio setup I see the Audio Device. In the Audio Connection I see the Audio device. But when I play the music, I do not see the light jumping up (in my mixConsole).
I do hear the windows sounds, I do hear sounds playing from internet/youtube, etc. Only Cubase give me an issue. After restarating my pc many times, then suddenly Cubase play the music via the Audio device. Please help me, so I don’t frustrated to restart my pc many time, before I can start using Cubase.

Grtz Hans

Could you post screenshots of :

  • Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs panel
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs one
  • a Cubase track (with its inspector) supposed to deliver any sound (even if there are already events/parts recorded in it).

I suspect a routing issue…

Here you have the requested print screens

Circle : I normaly have some signs/lights jumping up. But none of them

I’m OK with both the Inputs and Outputs panels of the Audio Connections window. These don’t show issue, apparently.

But I have a problem with your last screenshot : it doesn’t show the inspector of, either, the ADE_BD_03 track or the Groove Agent one. Again, I suspect a routine issue and we need to nail it with as much information as possible…

This is very unusual. You should be able to see spikes even if no assignments have been made in the audio connections or the Inspector. The fact that nothing is shown in the meter is really strange and only happens when the track/event is muted. Is there also no audio signal displayed in the mixer?

Just thinking of something else (and I should have from the start…). I’ll quote myself from another thread :

And when there is no sound, does the Audio performance meter shows an activity ?
If not, try to go in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio system panel and click on the Reset button (maybe you’ll have to click on it two or three times). It happens sometimes on my end also, and I never truely found the culprit…

Worth a check, I guess…

This is the complete screen + inspector + MixConsole and ase you see no spiks on ADE_BD_03 and Main

I pushed all the reset button (3) on the Studio Setup (rpshed all 3 a couple of time. Bu still no Music, spikes or any reaction/sound.

Only when I do the following I get my sound back via the external sound card/audio device

  1. Unplug my external audio divice
  2. get the blue windows screen and it will restart my pc
  3. when pc is back on track and I start Cubase, I get this screen:
    startup after blue screen

I select the external audio divice and i have my sound back. (but next restart, Cubase doesn’t have any sound and I’m back at the beginning :frowning: )
I’m realy think this is a Cubase issue, because when Cubase is not working with my external audio divice, my sounds in windows and other applications are working fine (also when I run a .wav file via media player it works)

Not sure that Cubase is the culprit, actually : how comes that you have 3 different ASIO drivers installed, beside the Generic Low latency one ? :crazy_face:

I would uninstall all these and reinstall only the ASIO 2.0 - Centro2i2o one, which is the dedicated driver for your interface, AFAICS. Actually, I never got this screen in the past, because I always have strictly installed the dedicated ASIO driver of the audio interface I’ve been using.

Beside this, once done, check again if there is any activity in the Audio performance Meter. I suspect that there is none, in your case, from which my doubts about the several ASIO drivers installations…

Hi, Looks like it become more stable after I deleted some of these different ASIO drivers.
Let’s hope it stays that way.

Many thanks for the help

Grtz Hans