Cubase doesn't make any sound, and if it does it lags

I had Logic Pro 9 on a cheap mac. The software was perfect for what i wanted to do, but I heard cubase was better. I also wanted Cubase because it works on windows, and Logic pro doesn’t, as far as i know.

I have a cheap set of speakers, they work perfectly and do what I want them to, but I just downloaded Cubase 7 Artist and I can’t get it to make a sound, unless I open one of those named projects under the scores tab in the steinberg hub.

When I open one of those projects I can use the keyboard and it makes a sound but there is a lot of delay between me hitting the keys, and me hearing the note I hit. When I play too fast it will skip certain notes i play, and it just sounds horrible compared to logic pro. I don’t understand why though, because everything about my PC is stronger than my Mac. My PC has 3 hard drives in it, 2 running raid and a third for storage. My mac was horrible and could barely load, and was slow, but Logic pro never lagged or delayed. I’m using the same Midi keyboard for my PC that i did for my mac.

When I try to make a brand new project I manage to choose an instrument alright, (Project, add track, instrument) but when I select it and hit any of the keys on my Midi controller I don’t hear any sound. I can see the little blue bar going though so I know it recognizes the Midi input. I’ve tried going onto Devices, Device set up, to make sure Cubase recognized my speakers, and it did, but even though I click the visible tick box, it’s shown as inactive still and I don’t know how to change it.

I have a midi keyboard: M-Audio keystation 88es, my speakers are unbranded, but they work perfectly.

If anyone can give me any advice I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m new to Cubase, but I knew my way around Logic Pro. I want to use Cubase instead of Logic Pro, but If I find out there’s nothing I can do about the Keyboard delay then I will definitely switch back to Logic, because I can’t play like that at all :/. If that’s the case if anyone knows how likely it would be to get a refund that’d also help :slight_smile:

Are you using your PC’s sound card? If so try using the ASIO4ALL driver.

This should help with the latency your experiencing.

ARE there any cheap Macs? :slight_smile:

You’re experiencing audio latency. You need a better soundcard (which may be an external device these days) or a better driver for your computer’s onboard audio chip.

The magic word is “latency”. Search around the subject - there’s plenty of information on this forum and elsewhere. If you get stuck, come back.