Cubase doesn't recognise one of my midi-interfaces

I bought a new computer and I use a MOTU midi-express 128 midi-interface and a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 as midi-interfaces. Both are listed in the hardware-list and according to the computer, the drivers are installed correctly and the hardware is found. Alas if I open a file in Cubase Studio 4, the program can’t find the MOTU midi-express. I don’t know what is wrong, but perhaps someone can help me. I want to work on my music again, but that is hard, if the program can’t find the midi-interface and the connected instruments.
Actually the program seems to have problems with my Keystation as well. It receives signals from the USB-output, but it doesn’t send midi-information.

Well, it looks like the problem is solved. I just had to make the connections again in Cubase.