Cubase doesn't recognise Waves Plugins

HELP: The following plugins have been added to blocklist/blacklist. This is what Cubase says when i try to add WAVES Plugins. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Go to:
Studio > VST Plug-in Manager > “Blocklist” tab

What happens if you select the plugins and then click “Reactivate”? Are you then able to use them?

In this post, someone suggested that some plugins need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x64 architecture) in order to run properly (and not be blocklisted).

You don’t give much information here, such as which version of Cubase, which versions of Waves plugins, and Windows versus Mac (and, if Mac, whether it is Intel or Apple silicon).

What I can say is that I use loads of Waves plugins, all up to date via Waves Central, and all of those work just fine in Cubase 12 (and every version of Cubase Pro since 9.5) on Windows 10 Pro (always kept up to date). My system isn’t terribly new – I think I built it in 2014 (it’s an Intel i7 5820k CPU with 16 GB of RAM), so nothing special on that front.

Modern Cubase (I think since at least 9.5) doesn’t support 32-bit plugins, so, if you’re using some really old Waves versions that were 32-bit, that could be one reason. A bad installation of the plugins, or maybe authorization issues, could potentially create problems, so make sure and update them with Waves Central, possibly uninstalling and reinstalling if they already seem up to date. I don’t know what special issues there may be on Mac, such as for Apple silicon on the CPU front, but I do believe there could be issues there if not running relatively new Waves plugins that support Apple silicon and not using Rosetta mode for compatibility.

If you have another DAW to let you test, that could help in narrowing down whether the issue is unique to Cubase or general on your system.

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Was not for Waves plugins, but for JP6K by Adam Szabo.