Cubase doesn't recognize new Install of Groove Agent 5

Hi! Cubase’s Studio / VST Manager sees Groove Agent 5, which I just installed to its default location using the Steinberg Download Assistant. But I can’t add Groove Agent as an instrument track in Cubase Pro 11 (on Windows 11), because Groove Agent 5 doesn’t appear in the VST Instrument list. I’ve Googled for at least a half hour, but can’t find a workable solution.


Do you have custom plug-in collection by any chance?

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Hi, Martin. I’m not sure whether I have a custom plugin collection. What’s an example of that?


You can do so in the Studio > VST Plug-in Manager.

This is what my VST Manager shows. I’ve tried adding many different folders at the bottom and rescanning, but none of those changed anything.


Can you see Groove Agent at any of the folder on the right-side, please?

No, it’s not there.

I’d like to add that my fresh installation of Groove Agent 5 starts without errors as a standalone program.


Click the arrow on the right-top corner and select the default collection, please.

That fixed it! Thank you for your time and replies, Martin.