Cubase doesn't remember my Bus settings in the 'Audio Connections'

Hey all,

I’ve been having this sort of issue where I set my bus settings and routing for inputs for my sound card, where I want to have just a Mono In bus setting. image attached for demonstration:

However after I close Cubase and relaunches it, If I create a new empty project, it reverts back to Stereo inputs - as this image demonstrates:

Does anyone know how to battle this and make my settings stick, even If I were to close the program and re-open it?


Save a preset?

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve now saved it as a preset. I guess I’ll have to select the preset each time which is ok. I hoped that the settings will be saved, as other configurations do stay after a re-launch.

Thanks again.

Maybe also try to save the preset with the name of “Default” - not quite sure, if it will make a difference to your setup or not.