Cubase Doesn't save preset's

Hi All

help please…
i saved few fx chain preset but when i choose load chain preset
i cant see a thing…the window is empty
i can see my preset saved in My Documents\Steinberg folder on C: drive as FXchainpreset file
and i can see the folders in media bay but when choosing to display the fx chain preset it cant find any
Also presets in effects doesn’t save either
is it a bug ? does anyone else had this ?


Idan :unamused: :cry: :nerd:

its happening to me to and i can’t seem to solve it …

reinstalling cubase doesent seem to help
maybe ill create a new windows profile
before ill reinstall windows again…boy…why

I’m having the exact same issue, except i get it with some plug ins not with the fx chain
hope someone can help….


please try starting Cubase in Safe Mode:


i reinstalled windows
its my OS fault :bulb:

I cant Save Track Fx chain presets at all… posted on another thread but no solution please help me out, its been happening on cubase 7 and now 7.5… frustrated with steinberg here :frowning: