Cubase doesn't see my keyboard!

Hey all, complete newbie question about Cubase LE 5. I have a Yamaha PSR-240 keyboard hooked up via midi to my Tascam US-1800 interface. My problem is that I can’t get Cubase to recognize the keyboard. I went through everything in the users manual and I still can’t even get a signal in. Virtual keyboard is off, the midi cables are hooked up correctly (Out–>In, vice versa), and the interface works fine (though under device setup I can see my mic inputs, digital in/out and line ins and outs just fine, but don’t see anything for my midi in/out). It’s all new equipment, save the keyboard (which has had very little use) so I know I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas??

The Tascam’s MIDI ports don’t show in MIDI Port Setup? Are you trying to playback VSTi’s or the external instrument? How do you have things set up, exactly?

Thanks for the quick response! When I go Devices—>MIDI Ports the only thing that pops up is that Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. When I go to see the Tascam’s inputs it shows all but the MIDI inputs/outputs. The kayboard has no switches and the interface has no swtich on/off for MIDI.
I was trying to do it the way it’s done in the manual. I went under file–>preferences—>MIDI and turned MIDI thru OFF since my keyboard has no Local Off switch (I also tried it with MIDI through on, with the same result). I created a new midi track, and set the input to All Midi Inputs, and still nothing. The MIDI channel is set to “Any”. I also tried it by creating a New Instrument Track and sampling Strings the exact same way the manual describes it, and again it’s like the keyboard isn’t even there.

MIDI thru should be on. Did you power on the Tascam before starting Cubase? The MIDI ports should show in Devices-Device Setup-MIDI Port Setup. If not, make sure the Tascam Driver is fully updated.

Again, what are you trying to trigger, VSTi’s or the keyboard itself? :confused:

You’re my hero! The tascam was started after cubase, so I did the reverse, and it worked! To answer your question, I’m using it to trigger VSTi’s. Thank you for your help!